Star Discount Chemist app launch

Recognising that loyal customers deserve to be treated like superstars, we created the Super Star Rewards brand and helped Star Discount Chemist launch their loyalty app to market.

Star Discount Chemist app launch


Including a teaser campaign to build a qualified database, and a launch campaign to encourage downloads, we engaged and incentivised consumers to download the now highly successful app.

Creative development

Bringing an idea to life

We developed the name, visual identity and download incentives for the loyalty program.

Design & production

Eye-catching campaign assets

In-store POS assets that were hard to ignore and online ads designed to convert.

Landing page development

Encouraging app downloads

A simple landing page that incentivised downloads and made the app accessible.

Animated video development

Explaining the loyalty system

An engaging video designed to encourage app downloads.

The launch campaign alone received thousands of registrations for the app and take-up of the newly digitised loyalty system exceeded expectations.